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Provide Value, Get Exposure & Raise Funds

We at CryptoMerch have identified & combined these 3 key pillars of succss into a one-stop-solution delivering a launchpad for any emerging or established crypto community:


  • Provide Value to your community by offering them high quality merchandise using a well designed Online Shop and allow them to pay with your own custom currency!
  • Get Exposure to the outside world with your community members promoting your project in their daily lives by just wearing/exposing your merchandise!
  • Raise Funds securely for your marketing efforts, staff, exchange listing fees, development and much more by designating a % of the sale profits to any cause or simply through community donation campaigns!

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Click the button below & select a service

2. Our Staff will contact you within 24 hours

3. Confirm designs and launch your merchandise

Transparent Profit Distribution

With every sale there is profit –
and we want to share it with your community!

We believe in a transparent profit distribution with the community in mind.

50% Profits go to the community/admin team wallet (or as specified by the requesting project, multiple wallets are possible)

10% Profits are donated to a good cause chosen by the community.

40% Profits go to CryptoMerch. We’re using these funds to further grow our project and offerings.

Donations Done Right

Besides raising funds through merchandise sales we also enable you to raise funds through donations in any cryptocurrency.



CryptoMerch offers secured and unsecured donation campaigns and charges only a small fee of 5% on all donations ensuring the majority of raised funds reach the designated cause or goal.

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